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Casino Daily Post is an authoritative News Website that primarily focuses on the iGaming Industry. The site was built by veteran Casino Players, and is now being run by adequate iGaming Journalists, who strictly believe in the news backed by facts. Our articles are internationally read by thousands of readers every month and are among the best Casino News websites in the industry. Apart from Casino and iGaming News, the website also focuses on relevant Guides and Blogs to help players win massive amounts of money in real-life games. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding any content published on Casino Daily Post, make sure to use the Contact Us Button. Our Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Origins of Casino Daily Post

Jack Fontaine, Belonging from Belgium, met with Vladimir Sietein in Vegas. The two were students back then and given the situation of that game. Jack and Vladimir were very bored. Thus, they both had a chat, which later turned into an enthusiastic Casino Chat. Jack went on to share his stories of Vegas, while Vladimir popped up with something that Jack later declared dead. It was during this time that Jack told Vladimir, “don’t you read casino news,” to which Sietein replied, I’m not sure if there is one which provides accurate news, and not promotions. This was the time when the web developer Jack Fontaine thought of starting his own Casino News website, which is now The Daily Casino Post. A few years later, the domain was registered, and Jack was able to secure partnerships with many Journalists that could provide factual data from the Casino and iGaming World.