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The Poop Man at the Hollywood Casino




Hollywood Casino

A man from Fitchburg was found pooping in a flower bed in the premises of the Hollywood Casino, as reported to the Pennsylvania Police Department.

The man was found by a state trooper in this act if defecating a flower bed at 1 am in the morning on Tuesday. The trooper was in the casino because of a mishap and the sources tell us that there was a fight going on in the Hollywood Casino in York Country.

The guy was fully nude and was not in his senses, because of intoxication from Alcohol. The guy has not been named, but he was charged with indecency and a violation of the rules regarding alcohol consumption.

It was a bailable offense and thus he was released from the prison in York Country for $5,000.

Not all residents come to take a dump at a casino, some come to win big.

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