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Britain’s Online Gambling Operator Made £560.2M In April




As per the British Gambling Commission (BGDC) reports, almost 80% of the online gambling operators in the country have earned £560.2 million as gross gaming revenue in April.

The calculated figure is the second monthly highest in the online gross gambling yield (GGY) since the British Gambling Commission started monthly reports when the Covid-19 took a hit.

Considering the specifics of the report submitted by the British Gambling Commission, the gross gaming yield obtained from live betting has a significant rise of 7%. The number of players seemed to increase by 12% month by month, even though the number of bets was reduced by 344.3 million.

Virtual betting revenue seemed to have decreased by 8.9% which is £7.6 million. The number of players gambling on a virtual platform decreased by 5% which is 256,233. There has been a significant rise in esport betting, report hike was 2.7% to £1.9M.

However, there has been a significant dip in the number of bets placed by players in all gambling sectors. Slot spins revenue went down by 1% which is 6.1 billion, virtual betting lost 7.2% of its revenue which was approximately 17.1 million and poker revenue took a drastic downfall of 19.1% approximately 94.7 million.

The British Gambling Commission made a statement: “Unlike the first lockdown announced in March 2020, the continuation of tier-1 sport in the most recent lockdown meant there were many more real-event betting opportunities available to consumers.”

“For the first time ever, on 11th April the Grand National was held behind closed doors, with no spectators and online being the only betting opportunities available.”

“Operators still need to be mindful about the potential of some consumers to be increasing their spend on some of the more intensive products whilst at the same time still engaging in real event betting activity, which was not meaningfully available during the initial lockdown.”

Even though the gambling industry saw a dip in revenue due to the restriction imposed by the government to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus, the gambling operators seem to make a huge profit.

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