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Netherland: Remote Gambling Act Regulated On 1st April 2021




Remote Gambling

The subordinate rules and policy legislation for The Remote Gambling Act comes into force from 1st April 2021. The operator may now submit their application to get the license of an online gambling platform.

By attaining licenses under the Remote Gambling Act, gamblers are legally applicable to provide gambling services via the internet. Operators are required to have a license from Netherlands Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit, KSA). The KSA aims to issue its first remote gambling license on 1st October 2021. Therefore from October onwards, the world of online gambling is open in Netherland.

The applicants who have successfully submitted all the required documents and meet the assessment criteria will be provided a license for remote gambling. Allowing licensed players to enter into the gambling world provide fair play to the industry.

To kick start their online gambling platforms, operators must follow the given rules:

  • Submit the detailed document to Netherland Gambling Authority
  • Submit the type and genre of gaming platform and the major type of gambling activity you must focus on.
  • Prepare the assessment report of all the components of the gaming system and the request proposal for CRUKS submitted before 1st July 2021.

Additional requirements to prevent addictive gambling

The Remote Gambling Act emphasizes more on the notion to prevent addiction. Hence, to prevent addictive gambling the Remote Gambling Act comes with the enactment of the Remote Game of Chance Act.

As per the Remote Game of Chance Act, operators are required to have a permit from the authorities to impose a risky game of chance on their online platform.

Operators are required to check the player’s identity and age to make sure that the player is above 18 years of age and knows that he/she is responsible for the outcomes of the gambling.

Employees such as Executives, Persons in Key roles, and individuals responsible for accepting player’s applications must have updated knowledge of addictive gambling patterns.

Operators are required to make sure that the players have enough access to the information related to responsible gambling on the online platform.

The addiction prevention policy made by the operators must include all the specifics characteristics of the gambling activities and the straightforward information of the game of chances offered by the operators.

Operators must motivate players to register with CRUKS and consider the website of addiction care of the national addiction prevention desk and the Netherland Gambling Authority.

The information mentioned on the addiction prevention policy should be crafted with the help of an expert or a legal advisor.

Requirements for advertising your services

The Netherland Gambling Authority strictly prohibits operators from advertising on any type of media if they do not have a gambling license.

Operators with a remote game of chance license can only advertise the games and services on their platform for which they have received permission from the Netherland Gambling Authority.

The information about responsible gambling should not be treated as an advertisement. The section of the gambling interface in which players can change their tie limits and boundaries of gambling should have no advertising.

Operators are obligated to report to the authorities the total revenue generated from the remote platform. Operators are also required to submit the detailed specifications of how they have calculated the risk analysis and the preventive steps they offer their players to avoid addictive nature.

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