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Fallsview Casino Resort investigates after video shows dangerous stunt on the strip




Fallsview Casino

An incredibly dangerous stunt took place at Fallsview Casino Resort, according to the President of Niagara Casinos.

A video circulated on Youtube showing blurred-out people scaling the top of the casino and climbing onto the letters on the side of the building. Taking the video, the people seemed to make their way out onto the letters and climb out to the top of the casino.

Fallsview Casino had reopened in July and this is a sad incident considering the safety protocols being really high.

The company’s president, Richard Taylor, says Niagara Casinos is looking into the matter further. The video shows one such incident.

Users “ChaseTO” have uploaded other videos involving cranes and gondolas similar to the one in this video.

Transport Canada tolls $175 for each drone flight without a permit. Additionally, drones are seen being flown near the people in the video.

Police did not receive a complaint about the video until yesterday, according to Niagara Regional Police Constable Phil Gavin.

Such reasons may boost more people in the future to go for online casinos over brick and motor casinos.

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