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How To Get Crown Gems? Effective Ways




How To Get Crown Gems

If you search for free of cost ways like many people and want to buy some premium goodies in the Crown Store without spending real money, this article is for you. Besides, you can buy some of the best stuff in ESO using crown gems. Also, they are pretty hard to come by. But we tell you some easy ways that answer this question, how to get crown gems for free? Moreover, people play some other casino games like blackjack.

how to get crown gems

Crown Gems in ESO Game

What Are The Crown Rates?

Crown rates are the new items that you can purchase from ESO Crown Store. There are some unique things about these items. Besides, they give you some benefits in the game. These chests contain multiple items. So when you open them, you will receive stuff that you can use while playing the game. Moreover, you can find various mounts and pets, exclusive and unique, and other consumable items.

What Are The Rolling Items?

When you purchase a crate and open it, you get four different items. There is a low chance of getting the fifth item. But if you are lucky enough, you will receive the fifth item as well. But most of the time, players receive four items.

All the items are distributed randomly in the boxes. So you will get the randomized items every time you open the box. Sometimes, you are satisfied with those items, and sometimes, you are unhappy with those items. Hence, you should understand this point before buying the boxes for you. Besides, you may receive cool or useless items. Everything depends upon RNG.

What Are Crown Gems?

Crowns are the premium currency used in ESO. Besides, you can buy crowns by using real money. Crown gems are like an additional premium currency that is quite hard to come across. Moreover, you cannot buy them directly. You can get these valuable items only when you open crown crates. So when the crate gives you the item that you already have. Hence, that particular item is converted into its value in these valuable items. Therefore, you can imagine that it is a hard way to get crown gems.

Furthermore, you can buy some of the most extraordinary cosmetics in the crown store by using these valuable items. Luckily, we have found a couple of ways to tell you how to get crown gems.

how to get crown gems

Exclusive Crown Gems

How To Get Crown Gems?

The following techniques will help you in answering how to get crown gems:

Open Crown Crates

Crown Crates are the usual way to get these valuable items. But you will have to spend some money on this method of getting crown gems. Moreover, when you level up a character in the game, you will get crown crates at specific intervals as a reward.

You will get some free goodies like potions, crown experience scrolls, and cosmetics by opening these crown crates. Also, you can convert or deconstruct these high-tier items into these valuable items.

How To Deconstruct High-Tier Items?

Open the in-game menu. Go to the crown crate opening menu. Then go to the deconstructing screen. You will open it with the triangle button if you are using PS4. When you open this option, you will see a list of items here. So you can convert some valuables into crown gems. Moreover, if you do not want any stuff, you can convert it into crown gems.

how to get crown gems

Crown Gems

Collect The Daily Rewards To Get Crown Gems

Another fantastic way to get the crown gems is through daily login. So when you log in daily to the game, you will score some high-tier items. Many players have collected some great stuff by logging in daily.

So make it a chore for you. It will give you some valuable stuff daily. Even you can log in to get the reward, and then you can log out. Besides, after collecting the valuable stuff, you can convert them into crown gems.

The disadvantage of Collecting The Daily Rewards

Collecting the daily rewards can be a slow process. Also, it can take a very long time. You will collect some crown gems by using this method slowly. So if you are applying this method to get the crown gems, you will have to wait a lot for buying the cool polymorph.

But some people do not care for how long it will take. They enjoy the game. They believe that getting crown gems is just a bonus.

ESO Plus Subscription

The other way to get the crown gems is through ESO plus a subscription. It will cost you every month. But you will get these valuable items. Also, you can collect the crowns and then buy crates from them for free. Besides, you can deconstruct the high-tier items to get the crown gems.

How To Get Great Resource-Crown Gems In The Game?

Sometimes, you get the items that you already have due to RNG. Besides, if you get an item you already own from the Crown Chest, you will receive a new type of resource: Crown Gems. So every time you receive a similar item, you will get five crown gems. Moreover, you have an option to exchange some items that you receive for these valuable items if you want. You can make this conversion at any time.

In addition, you can convert poisons, potions, utility-type items, experience scrolls, riding lessons manually. The crown gems you receive can be used to buy various collectable items from the current Crown Crate Season. Every season lasts for three months. Also, every season relates to the specific type of collectables and items. For instance, the first season relates to Storm Atronach. You can buy or receive various items while the season is active.

What Are The Reasons To Buy Crown Gems?

There are multiple reasons to buy these great chests like:

  • You can get many new items, pets, and mounts. If you are lucky enough, you will receive something unique or exclusive for your collection.
  • You can find exclusive and new stuff. Even you can find the items that you may have missed in limited time offers.
  • The price of one chest is lower than the total value of all the items you may receive. So it will cost you less money to purchase the chest instead of purchasing all the items independently.

    how to get crown gems

    Buying Crown Crates From The Store

From Where To Get The Crown Rates?

The only way to receive the crown rates is to purchase them from an in-game store called Crown Store. Also, it is easy to use this option.

One crate will cost you 400 crowns. Besides, there is another option to purchase multiple crates at a low total price. Moreover, four crates will cost you 1500 crowns. Hence, you can save 100 crowns. In addition, fifteen crates will cost you 5000 crowns. So you will save 1000 crowns in this way; therefore, as you can analyze, the best way is to purchase the most extensive package. You will save much in-game money by buying the largest package.

Is It Worth To Purchase Crown Crates?

Many players ask, is it worth buying these crates? There are mixed viewpoints regarding this question. Some players think that buying crown crates is a useless thing because they cost you a lot. Also, the wards you get are RNG based. Moreover, you can open ten chests and receive only food, potions, and some other useless consumables. But these consumables are not so good because most players have enough crafting skills to create their own food and potions in the game. Hence, paying money for what you can craft in the game is not a better idea.

In addition, the RNG system can surprise you. But we think that the chances of getting something superb like one of the Atronach mounts are very low. So it is much better to purchase them for crown gems directly.

how to get crown gems

Opening Five Crown Crates

It Is Not Possible To Calculate Probability

Moreover, there is no information regarding the probability of rolling particular items. Moreover, the game developers do not tell any information about this. Indeed, this is bad news because players cannot estimate their chances of winning, which is their actual motive behind playing the game.

Wrapping It Up How To Get Crown Gems

If you ask how to get crown gems, we have explained the detailed process in this article. You can buy the valuable stuff in ESO by using these valuable items. There are multiple ways to get these items like opening crown rates, deconstructing high-tier items, collecting the daily rewards, and using ESO plus subscription. Every method has its pros and cons. So you can decide the most suitable method for you. We hope that you will get lots of crown gems while playing. So enjoy the ESO game and have fun.

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