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Online Casinos: The New Way to Gamble




Online Casinos

Physical casinos are the go-to thing for many but due to the global pandemic the online casinos have become a hot thing and they are not stopping there, they are offering promotions that are very tempting to deny. The aim is to solidify their place and to take a major chunk away from the physical Casinos. Life is becoming normal and casinos are reopening around the globe and the online casinos are thus having aggressive marketing campaigns to hold the share they gained in times of pandemic.

Online Casinos

Online Characters!

The COVID has changed the way we live and made us realize that we can do many things from the comfort of our homes rather than going to that place physically, the change in attitude is targeted by online casinos, and through vigorous campaigning and promotional techniques, they further want to confine people to the convenience of their homes.

The online casinos have made the life of their customers easy and many steps of verifications when you had to withdraw money have been removed or simplified. The adrenaline rush has been targeted by many to make sure that the customer is glued to the screen and for that many new variants or different ways of playing famous games have been introduced.

The local casinos have given great deals to their customer base to retain their loyalties like free meals, accommodation, tickets, and casino currency, and they giveaway prices on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis and the online casinos took inspiration from this and have been running vigorous campaigns online to increase their customer base and to boost retention. For example, the famous gambling company, Microgaming from the Isle of Man is offering prices up to $155,000 on monthly basis to one lucky person for the next 6 months while BNG another reputable online gaming company offers a weekly $6,250 price.

On the other hand, many virtual casinos offer welcome bonuses, for example, Las Atlantis is offering a welcome bonus of up to $1400 for an initial deposit of only $10 while BetUS Casino is offering up to $3000 for an initial deposit of $50.

These techniques can form a new breed of casino enthusiasts who won’t have to leave the comfort of their home to go and have a chance at winning top money but there is still a risk of not having concrete rules for online casinos to regulate this and it might make the customers be taken advantage of by the operators of thee online casinos.

What are considered good practices by Online Casinos?

These things are something you need to keep in mind before venturing into an online Casino.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus they give you requires an initial deposit but always remember that there are online casinos that are not greedy for the initial deposit and they return it back to you. Use the welcome bonus to play games while enjoying your initial bonus being returned to you.

Secure banking method

The banking information that you put in should be secured by a trusted source so your vital information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


Look for the eCOGRA license which is responsible to regulate and keep a check on the gaming casinos.

Customer Service

Good customer service is a must who reply promptly and are available when you run into trouble because technology isn’t always reliable.



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