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Plaza Casino Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Fireworks




Plaza Casino Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Fireworks

Plaza Hotel and Casino situated in downtown Las Vegas has announced a firework show each night from 2nd to 4th July 2021. The firework events are to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day and the Hotel’s 50th anniversary.

The Plaza has planned to shoot fireworks from different towers and rooftops of the resort. The Plaza has 955 rooms on Main Street. The hotel was built on the demolished site of Union Pacific Railroad Depot.

The hotel was earlier known as Union Plaza during the launch on 2nd July 1971.

The Nevada Preservation Foundation has awarded a bronze plaque to Plaza in May, labeling that the hotel is more than 40 years old. According to the Nevada Preservation Foundation, Plaza is the first commercial building to get awarded a plaque.

In May, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman proclaimed the resort’s historical significance. She remarked that the resort was developed on one of the historical sites in the 1905 land auction that marked the city’s beginning.

Former Las Vegas Mayor and Mob Attorney, Oscar Goodman claims that at one point he thought that the hotel was running on its last leg. He adds, “I said if they didn’t clean the place up, I’d get one of my old clients and we would have arson it. It was horrible; it really was. You’d walk in and expect to see a body strewn somewhere. I think there was dried-out blood on the carpet of the hotel back then. ”

Goodman’s remarks on the hotel were in 2005 when he during his 12-year term of being a mayor.

Goodman explains, “There was a time that everybody claimed that the downtown was a crime-ridden and homeless-ridden place. The perception became the reality. Now the homeless are being taken care of. They are not on the streets the way they were when the Greyhound station closed. Downtown is probably the safest station now. ”

Now the former mayor appears at the speaker’s event in the Oscar’s Steakhouse present on the second floor of the Plaza.

Jonathan Jossel, CEO of the Plaza announces that there are discussions underway to build other Oscar’s Steakhouses in Japan, New York, and the United Kingdom.

Jossel gave an excellent example of his remark, “Las Vegas is constantly changing and evolving”, by citing the construction of Circa Resort which is an adult-only casino that launched last year. The resort has 777 rooms and is located on the corner of Main Street and Fremont, across from the Plaza.

Referring to Circa, Jossel said, “even just five years ago people would have laughed at the prediction of the billion-dollar resort being downtown. “

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