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SAND89CLUB – Number 1 Casino in Thailand




SAND89CLUB homepage

Sand89Club is an amazing entrant in the casino industry that came with the best layout of the website, multiple offers, and some amazing promotion offers for all their players. At this time, it is turning into the favorite website of all the players who are living in Thailand.

Sand89Club – A short review

All the players who play at Sand Club get the best services through the fast, safe, and accurate automatic system that the casino has implemented in its software. The entire process, from the selection of the game to the withdrawal of the winnings, is very easy. You do not have to worry about your money getting stuck at any stage. In this casino, there are some amazing elements which it is reaching heights in a very small span of time.

Transaction process

At Sand 89 Club, the process of transaction only takes a few seconds. You can make deposits and withdrawals with real money, and you will be all good to play and bet on any game of your choice. Look at these points that Sand 89 Club has mentioned on their official website:

  • Live broadcast of all the casino games without any delay or video editing
  • This casino has a limitation on the minimum deposit, which should be 10 Baht.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount is 1,000,000 per day.
  • Automated transaction of the deposits and withdrawals in a few seconds.
  • Variety of games such as sports betting, slot games, Baccarat, Roulette, etc.
  • The website is designed entirely from international rules and policies.
  • All the live games have a real location and real persons who are playing the game at any foreign casino.
  • The casino is functioning for 5 years, making it an authentic platform to choose for your bets.


This casino understands that almost all the other casinos offer similar bonuses and promotion offers. For this reason, this casino has offered some different offers and ideas for the people, and they are the ones that the players will only find on this website. Here are some of the amazing offers and promotions that this club offers to its players.

Sand89Club promotion page

On the very first deposit of 200, the players win the amount of 220. The winning amount can be easily withdrawn. On the second deposit, when the player makes the deposit of 3000, then they get the bonus of +70 on their amount with a 2.5 return rate.

Welcome bonus

At www.Sand89, you can find the welcome bonus and can avail of it just by registering on the website. If you are a new member, then make a deposit of 500, and you will get 600. This amount is restricted for you to spend within the game.

Games and services

Here are some of the amazing services that are only present at Sand89Club. Here is a short list of some of these amazing features. Take a good look into it, and then make your final decision to play on the website.

Sports betting

Sa Gaming

Sa Gaming is Sand 89 new casino in which there are multiple categories of gambling games. This is located in Poipet, Cambodia, but everything is broadcasted directly in Indonesia. The live broadcasts happen at high speed, and the software reduced the delay percentage to 0.02 percent only. The games that are available include some very popular and famous games such as Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Fantan. In the online slot section, there are around 50 different styles of games. All games have their descriptions; just choose the one that looks the most excited to you.

To avoid problems related to safety, this casino is a perfectly audited site by International Gambling Organisations. As per the audit, Sand89 slot of SA Gaming has the same standards and quality that is of all the Las Vegas Casinos. There are no limits in SA gaming; players can play it at any time of the day.

Sexy Baccarat

The main service provider of Baccarat is sexy Bacara which is located in Europe. This casino has been working in the industry for more than a decade and offers all kinds of best services related to Baccarat. This game can be played and easily enjoyed on Android phones or iOS. There are no restrictions for the players, and anytime this live casino can be played. Sexy Bacara is the best casino at this time and using their games at Sand89Club makes it far more authentic. The similar game plays and quality of the games can also be found at zzc 89 clubs.

Sports betting

This casino claims on their official website that they do understand and offer the services by understanding their customer’s value of money. For this reason, the Sand89Club works in such a manner that they work on providing them with a number of compensations, jackpots, and daily offers. In sports betting, this casino offers a variety of sports, including tennis, basketball, boxing, football, and cricket. If you want to play any sports betting game, then one thing you require is a very stable internet connection that has a very high speed.

Sand89club – quick summary

Www Sand89 offers 24/7 customer service for all its players. Regardless of any error or problem that you might face, just contact them and resolve your issue. This casino offers some amazing promotions for all the players. Take a good look at all the games, as this casino will surely fulfill all your gambling and sports betting needs.

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