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Scarlet Pearl Casino becomes the best Casino in COVID Vaccination




Scarlet Pearl Casino

Scarlet Pearl Casino and resorts achieved a 100 percent COVID-19 vaccination rate among employees, making it the first casino in the country to do so. This is highly praised by the community in D’Iberville and has given a sigh of relief to the whole place. The efforts not only benefited the aims of the authorities, the employees but there is more to it for the benefit of the city, the casino has helped the people outside the Casino to get vaccinated too through many ways.

COVID-19 is administered to all employees of Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort. The Scarlet Pearl has invested over $500,000 to date for their vaccine efforts, including $300 in cash for each associate and supervisor who successfully completed the COVID-19 vaccination requirements. This was done to protect all the stakeholders and to get in the good books of the community as well as get the nod from the authorities to keep their business running smoothly.

This vaccine effort was one of several measures the property took to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus on its employees, customers, and surrounding communities. The other efforts include the strict following of SOPs that are related to basic hygiene but the emphasis is placed more on the SOPs related to COVID. Masks are compulsory as well as sanitization of the machines, tables, and the things with which the stakeholders come in contact, while social distancing is strictly followed in the premises of the Scarlet Pearl Casino and Resorts.

Additionally, Scarlet Pearl Casino offered free COVID testing at its on-site medical clinic and provided COVID-19 vaccinations on-site. Ben Koff, Scarlet Pearl’s VP Marketing, stated, “It was a complicated process that took several months to complete but it really came down to a few key elements.”. Compassion, education, and communication were what it took to make the difference. The session was organized around just going over what’s happening here, on our community, and it has been very effective.”

An amount of $50,000 was donated to the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to support vaccination programs.

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