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William Hill Launches First Sportsbook In Capital One Arena




William Hill

After three years-long waits for the launch of a state of the art sportsbook, Capital One Arena finally knocked off a wall between US pro sports and gambling.

William Hill opened the 20,000-square-foot sportsbook in Capital One Arena on Wednesday, 26th May 2021. The sportsbook is the first one to open in the professional facility and is now open for business.

William Hill sportsbook, an infrastructure that left everyone in awe, the Monumental Sports Entertainment CEO Ted Leonsis, after waiting so long for the launch, has only one regret; he wishes it could be even bigger!

He says, “I think we should be utilizing more of this space. Because when you go into it, it looks and feels like what sport’s future should look and feel like: lots of data, lots of comfortable settings, lots of television, and lots of ways to learn about gaming. ”

For decades, sports leagues in North America blocked themselves from gambling, and fans, on the other hand, also had a fear of losing trust and integrity for their favorite game. Now, the barrier between sports teams and wagering have crumbled with the launch of the sportsbook in Capital One Arena.

Ted Leonsis and a coterie of Wizards and Capitals executives inaugurated William Hill’s two-story sportsbook by cutting the ribbon. Bettors now will be able to gamble at 17 betting windows and 12 self-service kiosks available throughout the facility.

The sportsbook will be functional from 10:00 AM till midnight each day, which Leonsis believes will stir up the activities on the floor, which is quiet due to no fans at the moment.

Leonsis told reporters on Wednesday “We wanted to lead the way in taking the stigma out of the gambling. We know we are an example and everyone will be watching how we execute.”

The organizer from Michelin-starred Masseria in Northeast and Officina at the Wharf, Nicholas Stefanelli, will operate the facility’s restaurants, food, and beverages program. The menu also includes a full-fledged bar alongside the sports bar staples.

Tom Reeg, CEO of Caesar Entertainment says, “The development shows the ‘breathtaking’ change in the relationship between sports leagues and team ownership and sports betting companies over the past several years.”

He adds during his presence in the inauguration, “This feels very natural to be in this building and to be able to walk into a venue like this, to place bets, and I think you are going to see this continue throughout the country. ”

Many other casino and sportsbook owners are inspired by the Capital One Arena sportsbook and are planning to build a similar model that could be applied to their business.

Monumental president of business operations and chief commercial officer, Jim Van Stone, says he’s very confident that the community is eagerly waiting for the full sportsbook experience after the company’s temporary set-up at Capital One generated so much interest these few months.

In the District of Columbia alone, the authorities are trying to open their in-stadium sportsbook, partnering with BetMGM. D.C. united plans to launch their sportsbook as well at Audi Field in partnership with FanDuel.

The model of the sportsbook is also used as an attraction for the Washington Football Team to build a new stadium, with legislators in Maryland and Virginia passing laws to allow such modification.

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