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Bwinners casino is a betting site in the Gambia that has extensive gambling options for casino enthusiasts. It has an authentic digital platform with SSL web server encryption. Unique bonuses and promotional offers of this casino make it more reliable for players. Here you can find all kinds of live casino and slot games with attractive winning odds. The safe and secure payment methods of B winner bet Gambia make it easier for players to safely withdraw or deposit their money. Here in this article, you will find all the detailed guides and features of that fantastic betting platform.

About Bwinners Casino

B winners bet casino is one of the biggest gambling platforms in West Africa. The brand has 10 different retail shops in different parts of the country that are always there to help customers regarding the betting services of this casino. It is licensed by the Government of Gambia & Guinea Bissau. All types of casino games, sports betting options, and live streaming options everything is available at Bwinners bet Gambia. Check out the following section to learn all kinds of details about this casino.

Bonuses and promotions

Bwinners bet Gambia is among the betting sites that always want their customers to win something even if they lose any bet. This casino offers multiple promotional offers and bonuses to players. Some of those bonuses are mentioned below.

First deposit bonus 100% cashback
Selection bonus qualifications Get Maximum bonus 1.000.000,00 GDM
Refund bonus Get Refund after players lost their bets

details of bonuses

First deposit bonus

This bonus allows users to get 100% cashback according to the terms and conditions of Bwinners bet casino. You will get this bonus on your first deposit. There are some conditions to acquire this bonus which are mentioned below.

  • Your rollover amount should be double of what you are depositing at the first time.
  • Make sure that your rollover amount is not on the exact match.
  • Rollover will be counted as a 5.00 amount for the bet slip.
  • Five selections are allowed for a single rollover.
  • Players can also call 002202122211 to get more information about this bonus.

Selection bonus qualifications

The selection bonus is attainable for all players that get their registrations before 12.03.2021. It allows users to increase their winning percentage for every bet that they place. This bonus is only for players that are playing for cash bets. If there are bets that become void or you have cashed out for them, you will not receive this bonus.

You should win your bet in order to achieve the selection bonus. It will be given to you depending upon the number of bets that you have placed. 1.000.000,00 GDM is the maximum amount that you can attain for winning your bet with this bonus. There are no wagering requirements to attain this bonus, and you will be given cash for it.

You cannot replace this offer of Bwinners bet Gambia casino with any other offer or bonus. The company has all the rights to make a bet void or not pay anything. Bets that become voids are usually because of human errors or technical mistakes. The company is not responsible for both of them. However, B winner bet Gambia makes sure that all its players are getting treated equally and fairly.

Refund bonus

One of the great things about Bwinners bet casino is that it also pays attention to the players that have lost their bets. In the refund bonus of this betting site, players that face loss in any bet will get paid. To be eligible for this bonus, you must place bets on 2 or more matches. Your betting odds should be higher than 25% in order for you to achieve this bonus or refund. According to the remaining winning matches, your betting odds will be calculated.

25+ odds 1 time of Your Stake 150+ odds 5 times of Your Stake
50+ odds 2 times of Your Stake 500+ odds 10 times of Your Stake
75+ odds 3 times of Your Stake 700+ odds 50 times of Your Stake

The above table or odds will show you how much you are going to get as a refund of your lost bet. You can also find the detail of your bet and its winning odd on your bet slip. Or you can talk to the agent of the casino to get more details regarding this refund bonus.

Gaming options at Bwinners casino

One of the main things about B winners Gambia casino is to provide the most satisfactory gaming experience to gambling lovers. It provides all kinds of games on which you can bet for real money, or you can just play them for entertainment purposes. There are different categories of these games that players can choose from according to their preferences. Each and every game comes from a reliable software developer that makes sure that users are getting the best experience. Some of those fantastic games are given below.

Slot games Wolf Gold, Crystal Land and Many more games
Instant games Bomb Squad, keno pop, pingo ball
Live casino games Three Cards, Spin & Win
Scratch card games Happy Scratch, Gold Rush, Rat Riches

Slot games

For slot game lovers, B winners Gambia casino has a wide range of amazing games. This section is for those that like to spin the wheel kinds of gaming options. Available games in this section are in the following list.

40 Joker Staxx Wolf Gold
Sweet Bonanza Crystal Land
Ancient Egypt Big Bass Bonanza
Book of Tut Vikings Fortune
Lava Loca Book of Gold
Dolphin’s Luck

All of these games are live and can be played easily through the application and the site of this casino. You can win huge prizes by playing and winning these games.

Instant games

Mostly instant games are those which you do not have to download, and you can just play them on the site by placing your bets on them. There is a special section on the digital platform of Bwinner bet casino regarding these games that includes games such as the following list.

Magic Wheel More Less
Bomb Squad Rock, Paper, Viking
Pingo Ball Next 6
Four Aces Keno Pop

There are more gaming options in this section which you can explore by visiting the casino yourself. Developers that have created these games make sure that users can get the experience of their life while playing them.

Live casino games

Live casino games available at Bwinner bet casino allow players to play with live dealers and earn a lot of money while playing their favorite games. This casino allows players to have the get the best interface experience while dealing with live players. Some of the games that are available in the live casino games option of this site are in the following list.

3D Black Jack European Roulette
Roulette with track American Roulette 3D
Three Cards Spin & Win
Darts 180 Jackpot
Red Queen

Scratch card games

One of the most exciting casino game options at Bwinner bet is the scratch card gaming option. It is for those betting players that want to check out their luck and want to win a ton of money. This casino has different gaming options in this section according to the preferences of a player.

Respinners Lucky Shot
Cubes Lucky Number x8
Stick’em Rat Riches
Happy Scratch Cut the Grass
Gold Rush Love is all you need
Frutz Frogs

Responsive and compatible application of B winner bet Gambia

Betwinner casino has an application as well that you can install on your Android devices easily. This application is not for iOS devices due to security reasons. However, for your android device, you can download the APK of this application from a mobile browser or application store. Once you download the APK, make sure that you have enabled the unknown resources option from the settings of your mobile device. Only then you will be able to install this application on your device.

The application of this casino is responsive. It means that the interface of the application is adjustable to different screen sizes of Android devices. It fits all screen sizes perfectly without cutting any layout or interface to give customers the perfect digital casino experience. This application is easy to understand, and it has all kinds of features that you find on the site of this casino. You can access every feature of this casino, such as casino games, slot games, and sports betting options, from this application. The system requirements of the app are very low, so everybody can install it on their devices without even worrying about the space or software requirements.

A professional customer care center

A professional customer care center shows how much a company is serious about its customers. At Betwinner casino, you will find a professional team of representatives that are multi-lingual and qualified enough to deal with all kinds of your queries. They are open to communication 24/7. You can contact them by going to the live chat section at the site of Betwinner casino. On the bottom left of the homepage, you will also find the phone number and email address of the betting company. You can use those details to communicate with salespersons and get answers to all of your questions.

The casino is proud of the customer care service that they provide. They make sure that customers are getting professional, quick, and friendly service so that they provide better feedback to this betting site. You can even contact the shop representatives, and you will find the same quality service regardless of any factor such as time or the type of your query.

The registration process of Bwinners casino

The first requirement to join B winner bet Gambia is that you should have a smart device. To get registered for this amazing casino, you can follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to go to the B winner bet website.
  • There will be a Join Now button at the right top of the homepage.
  • Clicking that button will open a form in front of you.
  • Add your first name, last name, email address, and phone number in that form.
  • Set a password and make sure that it has mixed numbers, alphabets, and special characters.
  • Accept the conditions of the site and go for the Join Now button.

This simple process will make your account at B winner bet casino.

steps to register

What is the login process of Bwinners bet Gambia?

The login process at B winner bet Gambia is pretty simple and quick.

  • Go to the official site of B winner casino.
  • Check out its homepage.
  • On the top right corner, you will find two text boxes.
  • In the first box, write your phone number. In the second, put the password that you have set while making your account.
  • After adding the details, just press the Login button placed next to the text boxes, and you will be entered into your profile.

You can also log into your account by using your email address.

Resetting the password

If you have forgotten your profile password, you can check the resetting method in the following points.

  • Below the password text box, you will find a text named “forgot your password”?
  • Click on that option, and it will take you to the form where you can reset your password.
  • Add your email address in the form and click continue.
  • It will send a verification link to your email that you have to verify.
  • After verification, you can put a new password for your account.

What are the deposit methods of Bwinners Bet Gambia?

There are three methods of depositing money in your B winner bet casino account. Afrimoney, Qmoney, and deposits through the shop are those options.

Deposit through Afrimoney at Bwinners bet Gambia

  • Confirm that the number that you are using is registered with your Afrimoney account.
  • Add the amount that you want to deposit and go to the continue link.
  • Your Merchant ID will send you a verification SMS.
  • Then go to your call log and dial *777#; confirm the transaction from there, and you will receive the credit to your account.

Deposit through Qmoney at Bwinners bet Gambia

  • You must have a legit phone number that has a connection to your Qcell Mobile money account.
  • Dial *323# and press 1 to go to the first money.
  • In that menu, you will have to enter the B winner receiver number, which is 31 99 555.
  • After that, just enter the amount of money that you want to send. The minimum amount is 25 GMD.
  • Enter your Qmoney pin and confirm the transfer.

Deposit with Shop

  • You can go to the nearest shop of Bwinners and find representatives to deposit money to your casino account.
  • Once they add money to your account, get a printed slip and code from them.
  • Put that code in the deposit menu of your B winners Gambia casino account and confirm the deposit.

What are the withdrawal methods?

For withdrawal of money from B winners Gambia casino, there are two methods. One is to use Afrimoney, and the other is by using the Shop method.

Withdrawal through Afrimoney

  • To make your withdrawal through Afrimoney, just go to the withdrawal option on the Bwinners bet Gambia website.
  • Put the amount in the box that you see in the withdraw option that you want to withdraw.
  • Confirm your account by writing down the password.
  • Just press the withdraw button after that, and the transfer will be made to your mobile account.

Withdrawal through Shop

  • To use the shop cash method, you have to go into your account and click on it by going into the Withdraw option.
  • Write the amount in that option that you want to withdraw.
  • Add your password in the marked field and start the process.
  • The code will be sent to your mobile number, which you can take to the nearest shop of Bwinners bet Gambia.
  • Rember your user ID and show that to the shop representative to get your withdrawal.

How to check Bet slips?

A bet slip is evidence of your placed bets. At the Bwinners bet Gambia site, you can download your bet slip as proof of your play. Just follow the given instructions to get that.

  • First of all, log in to your account.
  • Go to the option “My Bets.”
  • Click on the check bet slip in my best option.
  • All the bets that you have placed and their details will appear on your screen. You can also download it, and you have the option to look for bet details from the past as well.

Bwinners casino: A perfect platform for sports betting

B winner bet Gambia is a place to play fantastic casino games and win a lot of money on sports betting. Its unique digital application and website make it easier for betters to do gambling at this casino. With its safe payment methods and responsive customer care service, this casino is better than most gambling places in the Gambia. Just visit their site, and you will find all kinds of gaming and betting option that you are looking for.

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