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Odibets Kenya Account Registration and Login 2024




Odibet login

The Odibet casino is owned and operated by Kareco Holdings Limited and is one of the largest betting platforms in Kenya. It is regulated and licensed by Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). The site is full of amazing casino options, betting games, and exciting money-winning chances. You can get Odibet login and get reliable customer support system and quick and authentic banking options. The application of this betting platform is user friendly and efficient as well. To know how to get registered on this site and what are its other features, just keep on reading the following article.

About Odibet casino

Just go and get your Odibet login right now if you want to get exciting betting options in Kenya. Odibet has various things to offer that include an attentive customer care center, a wide range of sports betting options, casino games, and secure payment options. You can easily get yourself registered to this platform and win many prizes in terms of real cash. The company also offers some of the very attractive and beneficial bonuses and promotional offers. In the following section, you will find all the details about this efficient betting platform in Kenya.

How to get the Odibet login account?

To get login, the steps are very simple and straightforward. That is mostly because of the easy to the understanding structure of the website of this casino. Just make the following steps, and you will get your Odibet login account.

  • Search for the official website of Odibet casino.
  • Go to the homepage of the website and find out the button “Join Now” at the top left corner.
  • After clicking on this button, you will be able to see the sign-up form.
  • Write your personal details on this form, like your name and password that you want to set, and confirm the password.
  • You can also add a referral code on the registration form if you are using a referral link.
  • After adding details, click on the check box below the form to confirm that you are agreed to the terms and conditions of Odibet.

Odibet sign up

After signing up at this betting site, you will get the chance to avail of a free bet bonus that you can claim at any time.

Login method for Odibet casino

To make your Odibet games today login successful, there are some simple steps to make. You can find those steps in the following points.

  • Go to the login account login page.
  • You will find the login button beside the join now button at the homepage of the site.
  • After clicking on that button, you will see a form in which you have to place your login details.
  • Details that you need to add are your mobile number or username and the password that you have set while signing up.
  • After that, just click on the login button below the form, and you will be able to access your betting account.

There will be some cases when you forget your password for Odibet login. In that kind of case, you can just simply reset it by following the given instructions.

  • Below the login button in the login form, you will find the option “forgot password.”
  • Go to that option, and the site will direct you to another page.
  • On that page, you will have to mention your phone number and click on the send code button below it.
  • On your phone number, you will receive a verification SMS after some time.
  • Take the code from that message and put it in the reset password form to verify that you have your phone number.
  • After that, you can easily replace the old password that you have forgotten with a new one.

How to deposit money in the Odibet casino account?

Odibet casino uses M-PESA as a primary payment method for transferring money. From the following steps, you can quickly deposit your money in the Odibet login account.

  • First, open the M-PESA app on your cellphone and go into the main menu.
  • From the menu, select the Lipa Na M-PESA option.
  • Select the pay bill option and write 290680 as your business number in that option.
  • ODI will be the account number that you can use, or you can just leave it as a blank option.
  • Add the amount that you want to deposit without any comma.
  • To confirm the transaction, add your write your PIN number for the M-PESA account and proceed to continue.

Steps to withdraw money from Odibet

The M-PESA payment method is also used for the Odibet withdrawal money option. You can use the SMS method, or you can just get the withdrawal from the website. Following are the details on how you can use both methods.

Online Withdrawal

  • Go to your Odibetlogin my account login and find the menu button.
  • In the Menu option, there are multiple buttons from which you need to select the Withdrawal one.
  • After that, a form will appear in which you will need to add your credentials, like first and last name.
  • Write the amount you want to withdraw in the amount section.
  • Click on the request withdrawal option and wait for your M-PESA account to get credited with the money.

Withdrawal through SMS

To many people, the SMS withdrawal method is way more manageable as it can be used by people that do not even have smartphones. In this method, all you need to do is to write a message with your registered phone number to 290690. Make sure that the message that you are typing should be in the format “W#Amount.”

Steps to get Odibet application

You do not even have to do Odibet login on the site to get the application version of this betting site. This casino has a great and responsive application that customers can use to access all of its betting features and exceptional services. Steps to download and install this app are in the following points.

  • The link to download the APK of Odibet website is available on Odibet login my account login account.
  • You can just find that link and get the APK of the application.
  • After that, just go to the settings of your device.
  • Find “Unknown Resources” settings.
  • Allow this setting, and your device will start allowing third-party applications.
  • After enabling the setting, just go to the APK file of the Odibet app and install it on your device.

The best thing about this application is that it needs minimum system requirements for installation. The application is easy to use and is compatible with all kinds of Android devices. All kinds of betting, playing games, customer care, and payment method services are available on this app.

Betting options available at Odibet Casino

In Kenya, there is no other gambling site that offers a better betting option service than Odibet casino. The sportsbook available at this site for betting is extensive and contains a number of gaming options. Here you can find betting opportunities on all major events, leagues, and championships of different sports. For instance, if we talk about football, here on this site, you will find leagues for betting like Bundesliga, Laliga, Copa Del Ray, UEFA, and Seria-A.

Similarly, in cricket, you will league like PSL, IPS, BBL, and CPL. It also has betting options for MLR for players that have a passion for rugby. Some other sports and their leagues available here are following below,

  • NHL Event for Ice hockey
  • Australian Open and US Open for Tennis
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) for Basketball.

Odibets menu

Esports betting will also be available when you get your login. You can choose your favorite team of virtual games and bet on their matches to win actual money. This betting platform also provides betting opportunities for esports championships and leagues. Games that are available for betting are listed below.

  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • PUBG Mobile

Promotions and bonuses

One of the many traits of getting Odibetlogin my account login is that customers will also get amazing offers and bonuses with it. These bonuses make players able to receive more winnings with their bets. You can find out about these bonuses and how you can avail of them in the following section.

NJAANUARY Boost Given to 100 players on a daily basis
Mega Jackpot bonus Win up to KES 50,000 every week
Wake up and EPL bonus Prize of KES 1,000,000
Free first deposit Free first deposit bonus will be credited into your account
Free Bet Offers KES 30 on any betting option free of cost
Cashback bonus Players will be able to get a 30% refund


This exciting bonus is available for all customers, whether they are new or existing. To join in the draw of this bonus, all you have to do is to place a single or multiple bet of KES 99 stake or more. It contains different cash prizes that are handed randomly among customers. The chooser of those accounts will be the Odibet promotion system. This prize mostly contains KES 1000, and it is given to 100 players on a daily basis. In starting, this bonus is only available for January month, but now players are seeing it every month on different days.

Odibet bonus

Mega Jackpot bonus

Mega Jackpot bonus allows users that get Odibetlogin my account to log in to win up to KES 50,000 every week. This bonus will be given to two winners that will be selected randomly by the company in every week during the event. All of the company terms and conditions are applied to this bonus. In this promotion, players can also have the chance to get cash prizes from Bahati, which will be credited to their Odibet login account. All customers that want to take part in this promotion will just have to put a bet of stake KES 95 on the Mega Jackpot round. These bets that players will place will be considered as the entry inside the promotion.

Wake up and EPL bonus

The wake-up and EPL bonus contain KES 500 per player for 500 lucky winners every Day. Not just this, it also offers 5 lucky winners to earn KES 20,000 every week. In the end, there will be two grand winners as well, that will receive the prize of KES 1,000,000 at the end of the event. Putting a stake of KES 50 on EPL games for one or more times, you can join this ultimate promotion where you can win huge prizes. The prize that players will receive will be in their Odibet login account, from where they can withdraw them by using M-PESA.

Free first deposit

The free first deposit is a bonus that new customers that get Odibetlogin my account login get. They can obtain it by making their first deposit in the betting account. You must add KSH 49 to KSH 99 if you want to be eligible for this bonus. A deposit above the KSH 99 mark is also acceptable. The free first deposit bonus will be credited into your account right after you make the first deposit. The general terms and conditions are applied to this bonus that you must consider while getting it.

Free Bet

The free bet bonus is for all new customers. It offers KES 30 on any betting option free of cost. To use this bonus, make the following steps.

  • First, go to the betting menu, and select home team. Then, click on the draw and select the away team.
  • You will be making this selection from Day’s free bet game.
  • Add the contact number that you have registered with your betting account.
  • Choose a password for your account and click on the submit free bet option.

Do not forget to verify your betting account before 7 days. Because after that, the free bet will get expired. If you want to check the status of your free bet bonus, just go to your account and check in the My Bets option from the menu. It cannot be used as a conjunction or replacement for other bonuses, and it will be given to a customer only 1 time. One other thing about this bonus is that once you get a win on this bet, you will be given a chance to place a free bet one more time.

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus is open to all existing and new customers. In this bonus, players will be able to get a 30% refund on the first stake that they make at the start of the Day. Moreover, the players should have to lose the first bet if they want to avail of this bonus. The stake should be above KES 200 if you want to avail of the cashback bonus of 30%. The refund that you will receive will be in the form of a bonus, not as a credit. So you can use it to place other bets. Make sure that you are using the cashback bonus on the same option on which you have lost the bet. The Odibet casino has all the rights to cancel the cashback bonus at any time due to any reason, which it does not even have to disclose to customers.

Conditions for bonuses

There are some important rules to always consider when getting bonuses after taking your Odibet games today login. First of all, know that all kinds of bonuses and promotional offers are only for players that have accounts on the website. The casino has all kinds of rights for changing, removing, or revoking any bonus at any time. Due to security concerns, the company also asks for documentation for identification before giving away the bonus. Make sure to consider reading these rules before you expect bonuses from this casino.

How to place bets at Odibets casino

You can easily place a bet after getting your Odibet login. There are some easy steps to that, which you can find below.

  • Go to the site of the casino and log into your account.
  • Then, select the sports or games on which you want to place a bet.
  • Go o the sports menu on the right side of the screen and search for your favorite team, league, country, players, and games.
  • After finding the one, select it and make sure that you can choose up to 30 matches.
  • Write the amount that you want to put as a bet and just click on “Place Bet.”

Placing bets through SMS service

Sometimes you do not even need to get Odibetlogin my account login for placing bets on this site. The SMS service for betting is for customers that do not have smartphones. Following are steps to place a bet on this platform by using the SMS service.

  • You need to send out your predictions about a match on 290680.
  • The minimum amount that you need to put as a stake is KES 1.
  • KES 50,000 is the highest amount that you can put as a stake in this casino.
  • Make sure that your message is clear enough to tell the casino representatives about your betting demands and predictions.

How to cancel your bets?

The cancellation process of betting is not available on Odibet casino. Users have to make sure that their selections are accurate and that the predictions that they are making are easy to understand. To get more information about cancellations, you can talk to company representatives on their contact mediums.

Cashout option at Odibet Casino

Getting Odibet login will also give you the ability to use a service like Cashout while betting at this casino. In this option, players will be able to cashout their winning amounts even before the settlement of the bet. If your bet is eligible for the cashout option, a button will appear on the top of your bet, which you can use whenever you like. This option helps customers in increasing their money-winning opportunities. Though, you need to clear this thing that you will not be able to use this option if you are losing a bet according to the casino policy.

Livescore option on Odibet Kenya

The live score option of Odibet casino allows users to check the live results of any game that they like. This option is available in the same section where you bet on your favorite games. At the top of the web page of Odibet casino, you will find a live button that will take you to this livescore section. This option helps players to understand the game and increase their money-winning chances eventually. You can watch the scores of your favorite games on this option even if you are not going to bet.

The customer care center of Odibet Casino

The customer care center should be capable enough to handle all kinds of customer queries and problems and should guide them to the right solutions. In this regard, you would not get disappointed with the services that representatives of Odibet casino provide. You can contact them 24/7 on the helpline number, which is 0709 183 680. Customers can also contact company salespersons at the official email address. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles are also available on the Odibet betting site, where you can get updated information. The live chat service is available for customers that want quick answers to their questions. This system is handled by professional and multilingual representatives that will give you proper attention and information without any delay.

Odibet Kenya: A perfect place to bet!

After reading the above-mentioned features and reliable services, you would surely want to get your login right now. It has a live betting option where customers can track their bets and ongoing games. The promotions it offers allow users to win huge bonuses. Above all, the user-friendly website and application make this casino more comfortable for betting enthusiasts. Just go to the site and make your Odibet login right now to enjoy the amazing features of this casino.

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