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Gateway Casino Innisfil Coming Back on Friday July 16




Gateway Casino Innisfil

With Covid cases in Ontario decreasing significantly many entertainment public places are opening up as step 3 of the plan. Gateway Casino Innisfil marks the first reopening of a casino in the province after lockdown.
As the number of Covid cases drops below 200, the province has accelerated its reopening plans to five days ahead of schedule. According to Covid 19 safety rules, all casinos, restaurants, gyms, and other facilities must be open to 50% capacity.
The Gateway firm was relieved to finally open its casinos after suffering a $3.61 million loss due to the lockout. “We are happy to finally reopen casinos and community gaming centers around the province, and welcome back our valued staff and guests into a very safe environment for gaming and dining,” said Tony Santo, CEO of Gateway Casino.

Covid 19 Safety Measures to Be Taken

Gateway Casino Innisfil

Wearing mask

Tony Santo, the CEO of Gateway Casino Innisfil, promises to take safety precautions seriously. Santo looks forward to working on stopping the Covid 19 from spreading by taking great safety procedures, as he remarked, “as usual, the health and safety of our personnel and customers are important.”
People will be wearing their masks and following safety precautions at all times. The organization will supply all personnel with masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Hand sanitation facilities will be available to visitors. Furthermore, to avoid the spread of Covid 19 instances, the casino will be placing glass barriers between participants. All employees and guests will be maintaining proper social distance for their safety.

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Gateway Casino Innisfil Back in Town

The Gateway Casino Innisfil has always been one of the most enjoyable places in Ontario. The casino’s restaurant and the Express Bar will be opening on the 19th of July with complete services. The casino has a total gaming area of 87,000 square feet. Around 1000 slot machines and 26 live table games, such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, are available.
People around the world are desperate to finally continue their daily routines and have fun outside. Therefore, it will not be surprising, if the gateway casino Innisfil gets full of visitors on the first day. The Gateway company’s most difficult responsibility is dealing with the throng. To keep the safety protections in place, the corporation may have to take drastic measures.

Gateway owns 23 casinos in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberto. All 23 casinos will soon be opening after the Ontario casinos reopen.
Innisfil will be opening 24 hours a day with a full bar, restaurant, and game services available. The freedom to have fun is finally back!
In addition, other gateway casinos include London, Woodstock and, Clinton, Hanover, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sarnia, Thunder Bay, Point Edward, and Sudbury will be opening on July 16, Friday. With London, Woodstock, Innisfil, and Rama will be working 24 hours a day. The Rama Gateway Casino will be opening on 29th July also working 24/7.

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