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Evolution Gaming won Global Gambling 2020 Awards




Global Gambling 2020 Awards

Evolution Gaming is one of the most prosperous live casinos with the primary goal of an excellent user interface. The brand has helped many casino operators to excel in the market and provide exceptional user experience in the live casino interface.

Evolution Gaming has crowned with Online Casino Supplier of the year at the Global Gaming Awards 2020 in London.

Evolution Gaming beats nine shortlisted contestants and won the award consecutively twice. The Online Casino Supplier by Global Gaming award 2020 marks the 11th win for Evolution Gaming since the award ceremony was first held.

The developers of Evolution Gaming have won the Global Gaming Award for 11 years, reaching a remarkable level of excellence every passing year.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic outbreak globally, all the important events and ceremonies were held virtually. The Global Gaming Awards 2020 ceremony also commenced on an online basis.

Even though the Covid-19 surge was the highest, the developers have managed to keep themselves on top by providing an enticing gaming environment to players.

CEO’s Comment

During the award acceptance, Evolution Gaming’s CEO Martin Carlesund says that he is incredibly proud of its teams and the games they have launched during the year. He added that even though the team has to go through challenging situations with Covid-19, they have emerged excellently from the crisis and always valued the brand.

After the Global Gaming Awards 2020 ceremony completes, Carlesund states that for the past 12 years, Evolution Gaming has pushed away all the presumed barriers of what is possible in the live gambling scenario.

Carlesund says that despite the rough situations of the Covid-19 pandemic and everything being so distraught, the developers have created some of the phenomenal products to keep everyone in awe.

Developers have maintained the integrity of Evolution Gaming by providing a high-class user experience, thrills, and world-class entertainment services.

The winning of the 11th Global Gaming Award has been very encouraging to the entire tea of Evolution Gaming and motivating them to thrive for more.

Carlesund stated that Evolution Gaming introduced 12 new games in the period when the virus surge was at its peak.

Why Evolution Gaming winning for 11th Global Gaming Awards

The best ideology followed by the evolution of gaming is introducing new games. Their games cater to the need of players requirement. Evolution Gaming keeps changing the concept of live casino games, making them more interactive and entertaining to attract more players.

Evolution Gaming has an excellent and positive response to indulge in the new market. The company has a keen sense of grabbing an opportunity as soon as it shows itself.

One of the best examples of Evolution Gaming grabbing is its integration with the United States Gambling market the moment it launched.

The quick response to the new market has helped Evolution Gaming expand so widely in the iGaming industry. Evolution Gaming, developed with such a vast client base, has provided unique games every time.

Evolution Gaming’s ability to add some glamour and excitement to the classic casino games is simply unique.

Global Gaming Awards 2021

Will Evolution Gaming win Global Gaming Awards 2021 for the 12th time?

Evolution Gaming has made some exciting game launch after receiving the Global Gaming Award 2020. The company claims to offer more upcoming surprises.

The Global Gaming Awards 2021 will be announced on 28th June 2021 for London and the 4th October 2021 for Las Vegas.

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