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Jobs Strive at iGaming market in Malta




As the rest of Europe still battles with harsh conditions and lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, Malta, a small island, seems to function smoothly after the government decides to roll out vaccines in the island.

The iGaming industry is responsible for 12% of Malta’s GDP. Hence the government is trying its best to balance between the public health sector and managing the economy.

Malta’s job market has hit hard during the surge of the pandemic. Malta is emerging quite successfully from the harsh situation. Now, restaurants, schools, and offices seem fully functional.

As per the European Commission, days of improvement are ahead for Malta’s economy, with a 4.5% growth in 2020-21. The economy is expected to flourish up to 5.4% in the year 2022, the fastest growing economy in the EU.

Effects of lockdown on employment in Malta

During the first lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the employment rate seemed to decrease by 20 – 30%.

The number of available jobs got scarce compared with the number of jobs available in the pre-Covid situation.

The iGaming Industry stood firm during the pandemic.

While all other job sectors are facing a downfall, the iGaming industry is still prospering.

The majority of MGA licensed operators already have an online interface for their players before the covid situation, and those who didn’t have shifted their workspace online.

The iGaming sector has faced many challenges, but none affected the employment or the talent acquisition areas. Companies investing in the lavish infrastructure are now investing in the remote workflow. The remote workflow is even helping companies to bring new talent from overseas to grow the iGaming industry of Malta even more.

The requirement of skill set is also changing in the iGaming industry. Since most of the functioning is shifted on the online betting sites, the majority job in the industry requires data-driven, finance, legal, compliance, and computational skills.

Talent acquisition in the iGaming industry seems not limited to travel restrictions. Since most of the companies’ workforce has shifted on a remote basis, it is up to the firm to decide whether they want to work locally or look for overseas aspirants.

Malta iGaming industry has shown a tremendous level of flexibility when it comes to the job sector. Job aspirants out of Malta also have an excellent opportunity to get a job in the iGaming industry in Malta.

As per Robert Abela, the Prime Minister of Malta, the main goal is to make Malta a digital destination for gaming nomads. The digital-first concept helps collect top-notch tech talent worldwide and bring them into the Malta iGaming ecosystem.

What’s in it from employees?

The iGaming industry of Malta offers excellent employee benefits to its staff. The majority of employees working in the MGA licensed casinos get amazing hikes in their salary because online betting sites are booming in the iGaming industry globally.

The majority of companies offer them the reimbursement of travel and food expenses. Many companies offer free gym membership, event tickets and health insurance.

The iGaming industry is very vast in Malta, and it takes a creative mindset to stand out amid thousands of casinos.

Online betting sites registered under the MGA license are leaving their mark on the entire world. Hence jobs in the iGaming industry in Malta provide you an extensive and fantastic learning experience.

Due to travel restrictions and limited human contact, people find comfort in the digital world, allowing them to explore new things.


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