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Las Vegas Hotel-Casinos Implement the Mask Policy




Mask Policy

There is recent news from Las Vegas implementing the mask policy. The reports reveal that Westgate Hotel-Casino has made it necessary for all the employees to wear the mask again. All the employees must wear masks irrespective of whether they have got the vaccination yet or not. The Westgate Hotel reports that they have done so to make their employees and visitors safe and secure in this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the Las Vegas Casinos are hiring a large number of employees these days. So that they want to keep their employees safe.

Mask Policy

Mask Policy at Casinos

Furthermore, the reports reveal that Las Vegas is going to change the mask policy. They say that we are trying to follow the suggestion made by Southern Nevada Health District. Therefore, we have made a new policy that all the employees must wear face masks issued by the company. All the employees need to wear face masks because they are working in indoor places, and in such places, they make interactions with people.

Additionally, we have now revised all the signs posted in public places to share the Southern Nevada Health District suggestions. We have ensured the availability of complimentary face-masks for our guests at the Grazie desks, front desks, and concierge desks. The Southern Nevada Health District has announced some suggestions and recommendations this Friday morning to wear masks in all the indoor and public places and casinos and bars to strictly follow the mask policy.

Mask Policy

Casinos of Las Vegas Hotels

The Arrangements Made By Las Vegas Casinos

The spokesperson says that we will post new signs at all the properties so that all the visitors and guests may know that what recommendations the Southern Nevada Health District has made. Further, all the guests can get the masks at all the properties. We always ensure safe and healthy protocols. Our team monitors the entire situation, and we assess the mask policy and rules as per the recent information about COVID-19. We have made our operations incorporated with the lessons that we have learned during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mask Policy

Las Vagas Casinos

Why This Policy is Necessary

All the workers working in the hospitality industry are encouraged to be vaccinated by the Culinary Union. Among admitted patients in the hospitals, almost more than 97% did not get the COVID-19 vaccination. In addition, the Culinary Union suggests all people get the COVID-19 vaccination to protect their families, jobs, communities, and state properties. The vaccination process is open for all people from March 11, 2021. Moreover, the Culinary Union encourages all the employees to have the facility of on-site vaccine centers at their convenience.

The Health Ministry is concerned about the increased number of COVID-19 patients and the number of hospitalized patients in Nevada. Additionally, Los Angeles County has also implemented the new mask policy that is applicable from now. The people are advised not to travel unnecessarily. The station casinos are not starting their functions now. The D Las Vegas and the Circa Hotel-Casino have not declared the new mask policy yet. Now, we will see what the updates from the other hotel-casinos of Las Vegas are?

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