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Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery: The Real Story




Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery

Everyone looks for signs that something good is going to happen in their life. So this good incident can be winning a lottery as well. Also, if you play the lottery, you will ask the same question most probably. Most of the lottery players ask the same question. Hence, in this article, we tell you some signs you are going to win the lottery. Any lottery player can win the lottery. Do you know Charles W. Jackson? He won $344.6 million in Powerball. So you can be the lucky lottery player like Charles W. Jackson. Additionally, when friends play gambling games, they make some bets.

Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery: The Real Story

The following signs depict that you are going to win the lottery:

You Are Playing At All

We are not the typical guru who will tell you how to win the lottery. So we do not believe there is anything you can do to alter the odds of your winning. But it does not mean that you should not play. If you have enough financial affairs in order and you do not mind the long odds, then you should play.

Besides, you are responsible for your money. So there is no shame in being a lottery player. But it is impossible to win a lottery ticket without buying a lottery ticket. Hence, we suggest you be a hard-nosed realist regarding what you are trading your money for.

Furthermore, the lottery is not a negative expectation bet hugely. Rather, it is an opportunity to give some sort of physical presence to your ambitions and dreams of affluence. So we will prefer our money playing Texas Hold’em. But it does not mean that you are wrong for your feelings.

Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery

Signs To Win The Lottery

You Have Been Saving The Lottery Tickets

It is a great thing to save your lottery tickets for tax purposes. So when you are dealing with the income taxes regarding your lottery, you can deduct the price of your losing tickets from your winning amount to avoid paying taxes. This is not a sign that you will win the lottery, but it does imply that you have a good sense of playing the lottery ticket.

Hence, if you are taking part in any kind of gambling, you should record all of your losses in writing. So the more details you have in writing, the better it is.

You Are Buying More Tickets Than Anyone

You have heard about the success story of Richard Lustig. He has won the lottery tickets at seven astonishing times. Here is one of the claims of Richard Lustig. Richard is going to play Powerball Wednesday. His chances to win are better than other players. Lustig has developed a method for increasing the chances of winning the lottery tickets. This method has given him seven lottery prizes and multiple smaller wins. As a result, he owns millions of dollars. Moreover, Richard is outspoken regarding his method of working. But luck has nothing to do with it.

On the contrary, some experts of lottery tickets say that luck is everything to do with it. Hence, here is the secret of Lustig. He buys many lottery tickets. Also, he plays many lottery games. He is right in this regard. So if you buy more lottery tickets, you will win the lottery more often. But how many games you win is not relevant unless you can compare it with the number of games that you lose.

Furthermore, Lustig suggests buying at least ten lottery tickets at a time and participate in lottery pools. Moreover, Lustig’s book on winning the lottery has some more valuable suggestions regarding this point. But some of the experts do not suggest you spend your money on such a product. It will not help you in terms of net winnings at all.

Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery

Richard Lustig

You Are Ignoring The Least And Most Commonly Drawn Numbers

You will see three schools of thought among the lottery players related to how you should select your numbers, such as:

  1. Some players want to choose the most commonly drawn numbers.
  2. Whereas some players want to select the least commonly drawn numbers.
  3. Besides, some people do not care about either of these two ways.

The people who choose the most commonly drawn numbers assume that these numbers come up more often, so they will be more likely to come up more often. In other words, you are betting on the hot lottery numbers.

The Most Commonly Drawn Lottery Numbers

The following are the most commonly drawn numbers in the lottery:

  • 46
  • 39
  • 31
  • 17
  • 4
  • 2

The Least Commonly Drawn Lottery Numbers

Talking about the second group, these people want to choose the least commonly drawn numbers. The reason is that they figure those numbers are overdue. Besides, this game depends upon randomness truly. So the numbers that have not been drawn yet start coming up to even things out. Furthermore, the least commonly drawn numbers are between 51 and 69. But the number 52 comes up relatively frequently than other numbers.

Third School Of Thought

Finally, we talk about the third group. The idea that previous random effects affect the subsequent random events is just a mathematical fallacy. So it refers to “The Gambler’s Fallacy.”

This premise is faulty since every time the lottery numbers are drawn in an independent event. Hence, the previous events do not affect the next independent event. Let us talk about an example. The probability of appearing a 6 in rolling dice in Ludo is 1/6. So you have six possible outcomes that can appear, but only one of them is a 6.

So if you roll a six many times in a row, what is the probability of rolling a six on the next roll? The probability will not change at all. You still have six numbers to appear on the dice. They are still numbered 1 through 6. Moreover, if you eliminate one of the numbers after rolling, it will not change the probability. But that is not what is happening while dealing with independent random events.

You Have Purchased Every Possible Number Combination

If you are looking for a foolproof way to win the lottery ticket, we can give you one. You should buy every possible number combination. Most probably, you will have the winning ticket every time you do that act. Let us discuss an example. How many possible winning number combinations are in a Pick 3 Lottery game? The answer is there are 1000 starting from 000 and ending with 999.

So if you start a list in numerical order, it will look like this:

  • 001
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005
  • 006
  • 007
  • 008
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012
  • 013
  • 014
  • 015

You will get to the end of the list eventually. It will look like this:

  • 979
  • 980
  • 981
  • 982
  • 983
  • 984
  • 985
  • 986
  • 987
  • 988
  • 989
  • 990
  • 991
  • 992
  • 993
  • 994
  • 995
  • 996
  • 997
  • 998
  • 999

    Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery

    Winning The Lottery Tickets


Moreover, if you spend $1 per ticket and buy every combination, you will have $2000 invested in the Pick 3 game. But you will have a 100% probability of appearing the winning combination since you have every possible combination. But the problem is the payout for winning is $500 only. It means that when you have the guarantee to win the lottery using this strategy, you will not find a profit. This is a good demonstration of why the lottery ticket is a losing proposition in the long run. Mathematics makes sure you cannot possibly profit from the lottery ticket in the long run.

You Are Using Quick Picks

Quick pickers sometimes win the lottery tickets. You are likely to win the lottery ticket using a quick pick as you use another set of numbers. Moreover, you are going to find that this sign you are going to win the lottery is similar to most of the other signs in this article. However, it is not a sign one way or the other.

Furthermore, the lottery is random entirely. Hence, it does not matter whether you use a quick pick or some carefully selected numbers derived from a system or the anniversaries and birthdays of your family.

So while choosing quick picks, there are no real signs that you are going to win the lottery. Rather, you will not know until after drawing whether you have won.

You Are Ignoring The Intuitions

If you have an intuition that you are going to win the lottery, you are wrong. The reason is that the odds of winning the lottery ticket do not change based on whether you are feeling lucky or unlucky. So the lottery is a random game. Also, you do not have physic powers. Hence, you need to get over yourself.

James Randi offered $1 million to anybody who could show that they had any sort of psychic ability for 50 years. But nobody was able to claim the million dollars. Besides, over 1000 people applied and tried to show that their intuitions worked.

Further, your odds of winning the Pick 3 are better than that statistically. Also, these are people who claim that they have paranormal perceptions of some sort. This point is similar to the one we made earlier about the systems. So paying attention to your gut feelings or intuitions does not hurt your odds of winning the lottery tickets.

You Are Playing With Money You Can Afford To Lose

You should never buy a lottery ticket or multiple lottery tickets with the money you cannot afford to lose anymore. Make sure that you do not make mistakes about this important fact. So it means that if the electric bill is past due, rent is late, you should not buy a lottery ticket. Playing a lottery ticket is a luxury or entertainment expense. You should not spend money on this sort of entertainment expense unless it is the money you will not miss if you lose.

Furthermore, the odds of losing are much better than the odds of winning, regardless of which lottery game you are playing. So you should consider the following things before you play the lottery:

  • You should have enough groceries to last until the next payday.
  • Besides, you should have the rent paid on time.
  • You have paid the mortgage in case if you are buying a home.
  • Moreover, you have paid all the utility bills on time, including gas, water, and electricity.
  • You have got all the medical checkups.
  • Also, you have $1000 cash set aside in case of emergencies.
  • You have six months of living expenses in your savings account.
  • Further, you have paid all of your taxes, instalments, and child support payments.

Hence, if you have done all these things in place, you can play the lottery game. Otherwise, you should get them in place before budgeting money to play the lottery game. Its reason is that scared money always loses. Besides, you cannot afford to lose money until you get your financial life in a good sequence.

You Are Playing Games With Better Odds

It is easy to increase the odds of your winning the lottery. You just need to play the lottery game with better odds. If you ask, which lottery is the easiest to win? For instance, the odds of winning the Pick 3 are 999 to 1. You have 1000 possible results in total. But only one out of these 1000 outcomes will match the ticket you have picked.

Moreover, a 1 in 1000 shot is still lousy. You can play the Pick 3 once a week for twenty years without winning easily. It means that you should win, but that is still a far cry from the long run. But when you compare that with the odds of your winning the Powerball, your odds are far better. Besides, the price is much lower, but that is how it works.

Furthermore, the odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292 million. That is on such a different scale that it is nearly impossible to imagine winning the lottery ticket.


But let us take the example of two players.

  • Hakim- He buys a Powerball ticket every week.
  • Diana- She buys a Pick 3 every week.

If we bet that which one of them will be the winner sometime this year, we would choose Diana every time. We can be wrong once in a while, which means once in every 292 million bets, most probably. Hakim will win something like $3 million if he does hit. Besides, Diana is still more likely to win the lottery ticket. In addition, playing scratch-offs offers better odds of winning, albeit with lower payouts. Most of the time, you have a 3 to 1 shot at winning something when you play a scratch-off ticket.

The US Lottery Site

The US Lottery site is the only site that we have seen that includes detailed information regarding the odds of winning multiple draw games. They include the return to player information for the different states draw games that they usually cover.

You Are Not Using Some Kind Of Lottery System That Costs You Money

The best sign you will win the lottery is that you are using the lottery system they are selling. In fact, you need the best system in the world to get any kind of winnings. They refer to it as an “automatic no-brainer.” Buying any lottery system is some of the worst pieces of advice we have ever seen on the internet. No system will increase the odds of winning the lottery ticket. Also, playing with a system does not decrease your odds of winning the lottery ticket, either.

Furthermore, the lottery is a random game. The odds are based on the total possible combinations of lottery numbers. That is it. This point can be misleading for some of the lottery players. The reason is that someone who is using some sort of lottery system is just as likely to win as someone who is not using the system.

Summing Up The Signs You Are Going To Win The Lottery

What are the signs you are going to win the lottery? The truth is there are no signs that you are going to win the lottery. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has something he wants to sell you, most probably. Think about a couple of things for a while if someone has reliable means of winning the lottery, why he would share that particular information in a 40-page book just for a few bucks. Even if he charges $100 for the pamphlet, he will stand to make a lot more money just using his strategies to win the lottery ticket for himself.

Moreover, if someone has a reliable means of winning the lottery ticket and someone else finds out about it, enough people will start using those methods to put the lottery out of business. Hence, a winning lottery system is just like a unicorn. It does not exist in reality. So, by all means, play the lottery and have fun. But do not ever make the mistake of thinking that you will win the game in the long run.

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