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Truck Hits Pedestrians Near Grand Casino in Mille Lac




Truck Hits Pedestrians Near Grand Casino

The truck hits two pedestrians, who suffer from serious injuries and fight for their lives near the Grand Casino. According to the witnesses, the pedestrians were walking on the crosswalk on highway 169 near the casino. Ronald R. Sternquist, a 58-year-old man, was driving a Ford F-150 towards Grand Avenue when he lost control and hit the two people. Ronald stopped immediately after the crash and faced no to few injuries.

The two pedestrians are Joseph Michael Nicaboine of age 36 and Kiala Marie Rile aged 18. The two unfortunate people were walking towards the lake when the truck struck them.

The news of the crash reached the Minnesota State Patrol at 1:17, who hurried to the crash site. The ambulance was called that took the injured pedestrians to the North Memorial Health hospital in the Twin Cities. The victims face heavy injuries and require many prayers.

As per the State Patrol, the truck hits pedestrians somewhere around 1:15. Moreover, the driver of the truck, Ronald R. Sternquist was not drunk. Hence, alcohol was not a factor in the accident. The state patrol was assisted at the scene by the Garrison Fire Department, Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office, and Mille Lacs Tribal Police. It is depressing that it might not be safe for people who love gambling to visit casinos often.

Minnesota State Patrol Under Hot Water

Truck Hits Pedestrians Near Grand Casino


Along with Friday’s incident, in which a truck hits two pedestrians, the Minnesota State Patrol receives harsh criticism for other recent mishaps in the state. On Saturday, Patrick Dale Swing was driving eastbound on Highway 200 near 74th Avenue around 9:30 p.m. The Ford slid into a driveway slope, hit the edge, and crashed into the ditch. The man soon died of serious injuries. Similarly, on August 8, a Dodge Durango rear-ended a Chevy Tahoe, forcing the Chevy to rear-end a Lexus RX that was slowing down. This incident happened in the same location as Friday’s event “truck hits two pedestrians”. Another accident took place in Bay Lake Township.

Just this week, more than 10 crashes have happened in the state of Minnesota. Is it because of the lack of implementation of laws or the indifference of the State Patrol? Decide it for yourself.

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