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UK Casinos and Bingo halls open after 6-months of lockdown





Threatened morbidly by the novel coronavirus, UK was compelled to impose a lockdown in December 2020. The so-called new UK-variant, B117, has made situations severe. The Covid-19 surge has made many question the entire health system of the country.

Some of the worst affected parts of the country never considered reopening for a long time and have been in constant and strict lockdown to improve the Covid situation.

Now, due to the highly triumphant vaccination drive, the restrictions are easing up. Almost two-thirds of the population has been vaccinated with the first dose, and the number of Covid positive cases is decreasing in the other European countries.

Not to forget, the UK has the lowest vaccine hesitancy rates around the globe, which has helped the country to bounce back stronger!

Land-based casinos and bingo halls are permitted to reopen across the UK from 17th May 2021, as the government moves forward with easing the restrictions on the lockdown.

Apace with casinos, adult gaming entertainment centers, and bingo halls, restaurants, and bars are allowed to reopen in the indoor settings. Cinemas, theaters, hotels, sports stadiums, and museums are also open to the public now.

Few previous rules remain intact for the staff, employees, and customers of casinos, that includes wearing masks whenever inside the property, practicing social distancing, and limited headcount in a particular venue.

Casinos in Scotland have a closing time of 10:30 PM on weekdays and are not permissible to serve alcohol. In Glasgow, casinos will remain closed because the city remains in the Level 3 restriction due to a recent increase in Covid-19 cases.

Micheal Dugher, chief executive of Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has welcomed the reopening of gambling ventures stating that it is a big boost for staff and customers. The reopening will help to boost the country’s economy.

“It is great that the majority of casinos are opening in the UK, and it is great of the hard work of the staff to keep themselves safe from Covid” – Dugher concluded.

The reopening will provide a strong sense of change to customers who have been holed up inside their homes due to Covid-19. Casinos contribute majorly to the country’s economy, and hence it is important to make them available to the general public so that the government can make up for the damages caused by the pandemic.

Certain restrictions like a ban on the display of live scores on a television inside the shop where customers watch from the outside are lifted as well. People are still advised to wear ask and follow social distancing while watching sports outside the shops.

The restriction imposed on the betting shops is also lifted. The safe opening of casinos and betting shops is remarkable. There is no relaxation for those who are fully vaccinated, everyone inside these premises has to strictly follow the Covid precautions to keep themselves and the staff safe.

We have all witnessed how badly Covid struck the UK and it is appreciable the level of commitment both the government and the citizens are showcasing to fight back from this virus.

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